Messeka Sheet Metal

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why invest in new comfort control system?
A. Lower your monthly utility bills. Today’s heating and cooling equipment is up to 98% efficient.

Comfort for allergy and asthma victims. Available filtration systems will remove allergens and improve air quality.
Q. How much will this cost?
A. We will do a full system analysis using advanced heating and cooling load software to provide you with several options which will allow you to make an informed decision.
Q. Am I eligible for Rebates?
A. Rebates for heating and cooling are sometimes available from utility companies. When we do an analysis of your system, we will make you aware of rebates you may be eligible for.
Q. What is a system humidifier and do I need one?
A. A system humidifier is attached directly to your duct system. This makes your home more comfortable during the winter by reducing static and dryness. This also eliminates the need for portable humidifiers throughout the house.
Q. I have an older home, historic home or a non-traditional home without existing duct work. Can I have central air conditioning installed?
A. We specialize in installing duct work in older homes. A customized plan is developed focused on a space saving installation in keeping with the integrity of the home’s style. We are experienced in working with plaster walls and hardwood floors to integrate systems into historic/traditional homes.